Dark Night Skies! Stargazing in Joshua Tree National Park

Avoid the Golf Courses and Spa! A group of friends and I were recently in Palm Desert, California, for a work function (overview article to be published soon). Now, being in Palm Desert you may think,┬áso I guess I’ll golf and enjoy the spa… but there are so many other fun activities to take partContinue reading “Dark Night Skies! Stargazing in Joshua Tree National Park”

Touring Fort Jefferson “Dry Tortugas” National Park

What is Fort Jefferson, and Why Should You Visit? Fort Jefferson National Park is the largest brick structure in the western hemisphere and is among the 10 least visited national parks in the United States! Simply imagine getting flown out to a remote island where there’s a grand brick structure in almost the same exactContinue reading “Touring Fort Jefferson “Dry Tortugas” National Park”