Must Love Dogs – Mission Bay Morning Walks

Oh, to Own a Dog Having a dog is both a pain and a blessing. There are times in the morning when you may want to lie in bed, wake up gradually, do nothing, watch tv, fall back asleep… but that cute little furry creature, who pops his or her head up on the footContinue reading “Must Love Dogs – Mission Bay Morning Walks”

Frolicking Amongst the Ferns: Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek National Park, NorCal

Never take what you have for granted Home. A beautiful, four letter word that makes you feel whole, loved, and at peace. That’s how I feel every Christmas when I make my way North to Eureka, California. I never appreciated Eureka until I moved away for college. I guess it’s something you learn as youContinue reading “Frolicking Amongst the Ferns: Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek National Park, NorCal”

Touring Fort Jefferson “Dry Tortugas” National Park

What is Fort Jefferson, and Why Should You Visit? Fort Jefferson National Park is the largest brick structure in the western hemisphere and is among the 10 least visited national parks in the United States! Simply imagine getting flown out to a remote island where there’s a grand brick structure in almost the same exactContinue reading “Touring Fort Jefferson “Dry Tortugas” National Park”