“Just Say Yes” Mentality

“Just Say Yes” – Where Did This Mentality Start?

It wasn’t until I attended California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo, California, my freshman year that I started embracing the concept of saying yes.

I had spent all 18 years of my life prepping myself for leaving home to become an educated adult who could contribute to society. Basically, I had spent my life following the mundane path that has been laid out for so many of us – where was there room to say yes to other things… experiences, adventures, off the wall ideas? There really wasn’t – at least, I hadn’t seen it yet.

My freshman year of college was marvelous: I made amazing lifelong friends, got a superb education, and was free to discover who I was since I wasn’t under my parents roof anymore.

Start round two of college, sophomore year, and I decided to volunteer as a team leader for the largest student-run orientation program in the nation: Week of Welcome (WOW)!

Through WOW I was able to embrace my goofy, ridiculous self without anyone rolling their eyes, talking smack, or any negatives whatsoever. This program is how I was able to embrace me for me and develop the rules I live by every day!


Rule #1: DON’T DIE!

Rule #2: JUST SAY YES!

Addendum: If you can afford it.

(Sadly Nikki and I chose to add the addendum once we entered the work force and were off the parent’s payroll. Love you mom and dad!)

So, How Exactly do These Rules Work?

You cannot break rule number one no matter what!

So, if you’re going to jump off a bridge and it’s going to kill you, you cannot say yes – obviously you can, but should you? No! Therefore, you cannot exercise rule number two if it breaks rule number one.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do.

Go Forth, and Yes Your Heart Out!

Life is truly this simple – if it won’t kill you, and you can afford it, then why wouldn’t you say yes?! Our lives are short – even with modern medicine and technology, life is still short. We shouldn’t waste it! We should say yes every opportunity we get!

I challenge you, as you read my posts and start making your plans, to say yes whenever the opportunity presents itself. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it.