4 January 2021 – Set Your Intentions

Weekly YES Quote!

“When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny.”

Dr. Bertice Berry

Weekly Reflection

I took the month of December (and the latter half of November) off writing these blog posts to re-center so that I could set intentions for myself.

Selfish a bit, yes… I won’t argue with you there, but 2021 will be filled with more empowering quotes, reflections, and challenges to kickstart your week because of it.

I discussed with a dear friend recently the importance of setting your intentions when you commit to do or not do something.

For example, I’ve decided not to consume alcohol for the month of January – cliché, agreed – however, I want to walk into the new year with a clear mind so that I can positively commit myself to beginning anew, fresh, and focused.

The holidays are a lovely time to gather and celebrate with loved ones (even via Zoom meetings as was the case for most families this holiday season), but a lot of your energy gets redirected away from you and towards your loved ones.

No part of me is saying this in a negative context, but remember:

You have to take care of number one before you can take care of anyone else, and the number one person in your life is Y-O-U.

And that’s where I’m at as we begin this beautiful yet challenging new year in 2021.

I’m ready to give back to myself and start the year off right for me.

No one else can tell me what I need in order to feel fulfilled as we kick off this new year.

Only I can give back to myself through centering, focusing, and directing my best efforts towards achieving the intentions I set for myself. The same is true for you.

Weekly Challenge

To ensure we successfully achieve our goals we need to set our intention.

If you don’t set the intention to do or not do something it makes it all the more easy to break the commitment to yourself.

When setting your intentions, you need to clearly define:

  • what you are going to commit to do or not do,
  • when you’re going to make that commitment (length of time), and
  • why you’re making the commitment.

Staying with the example above, I’ve determined my:

  • what to not consuming alcohol,
  • when as the month of January, and
  • why so that I can walk into the new year with a clear, focused mind.

We’re not all the same – thank goodness for that as the creativity each of us brings to the table is tremendous!

But we each have needs that support our ability to flourish in this life.

Maybe you haven’t sat aside to set any intentions – that’s okay, it’s been a hectic year and this new year, although new, isn’t exactly starting out with any “wow” content to make it feel all the more different than last year.

Challenge yourself to take this moment, which you’ve already committed to yourself by setting aside time to read this post, to set some intentions for yourself as we embark on our first Monday of 2021.

Grab a journal, piece of paper, open Word or the equivalent on your computer, or even grab a post-it note off the face of the refrigerator and begin jotting down some intentions you have for yourself.

Focus thoroughly on your why. Give extra thought to it.

Your why will keep you aligned with your commitments to self.

Reminder to Just Say Yes!

As always, say yes to experiences that present themselves to you! Life is full of fun and wonder – don’t be stuck at home wondering what life could be like, should be like, would be like… drop that nonsense! Get out there, say yes, and never look back!

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I’d love it if you shared some of the ways this week’s quote has made you feel, and what intentions you’re setting for yourself as we embark on the first Monday of 2021!

We each have a unique journey, and I would love to share in yours.

Happy 2021 fellow yessers!

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Aly Bonomini is the creator of the blogs Yes Ma'am! & Cheesy Vegans. She is an avid adventurer, experience enthusiast, and motivator who lives her life by the motto: "Just say yes!"

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