7 September 2020 – Choose Life Over Stress

Weekly YES Quote!

“Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose at any moment.”

Maureen Killoran

(Maureen Killoran, Jumpstart Creativity Hypnosis)

Weekly Reflection

Before COVID-19 I worked 5 days a week 8 hours (or more) per day.

Friday evening I’d come home absolutely exhausted awaiting the burnout that would inevitably ensue from grinding day after day.

Three-day weekends were my salvation.

I’d map out my work efforts in relation to when the next holiday weekend would arrive so that I could enjoy that pencils down moment.

But is that what we should be focused on?

Pushing and pushing… giving our all… until we can reward ourselves by relaxing for a mere three days in the grand scheme of the number of days we work.

I love my job and what I do. Every day I’m faced with new challenges, I have a great work-life balance, and I see my contribution towards the company’s success.

Although COVID-19 has been hell for many including myself, it has helped me to remember what’s important in life as well as helping me to reinvent the way I work.

The biggest work-related achievement for me through this experience was learning to balance my work stress and push by spending some days remote to crank out what I need to get done without anyone else swinging by to tell me how their weekend was.

I still have a long ways to go with time management, but this experience has helped me to prioritize my own workload so that a normal 8-hour day doesn’t result in an 8-hour let me help you be successful day + 2 hours to get my independent workload done.

I was able to walk into this three-day weekend already feeling relaxed, and that is a feeling I plan to carry with me throughout every week and weekend.

Life is a balancing act. We have to artfully navigate through the daily stressors while ensuring our mental health is strong, steadfast, and ready for anything life may throw at it.

As this week’s quote by Maureen Killoran reminds us,

“Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose at any moment.”

Weekly Challenge

Set aside all that you’re feeling the weight of and just breathe.

That’s right… breathe.

Take a moment alone to recenter yourself in order to release the regular stressors we’re faced with.

Sit in your favorite zen area whether it be a designated space in your home or garden, on a bench at the local park, along the harbor, in a lounge chair at the beach or on your porch…

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth.

Feel the breath fill your lungs and every inch of your being before you expel it through your open mouth.

Force the air out slowly, gradually.

Let the exhale take with it all that’s been weighing on you.

Take another deep breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth.

Feel more and more of the stress and unnecessary weight release from your being.

You should walk into work every day feeling confident, relaxed, and ready to tackle the day.

And when I say work I’m referring to moms, students, and what corporate America deems a job.

We all work so hard no matter what our immediate or long-term profession is.

And the only way we can give our all is if we avoid burnout and come into our office every day with a refreshed sense of self.

Challenge yourself this week to be mindful every day you walk into the office so that you’re not looking forward to the next three-day weekend.

There are fifty-two weekends in a year and only two of these weekends are designated as three-day holiday weekends (Memorial Day and Labor Day).

Think about that as you approach tomorrow, and give tomorrow and every day all you have to offer without sacrificing yourself to the endless amount of work and effort required of you.

Reminder to Just Say Yes!

As always, say yes to experiences that present themselves to you! Life is full of fun and wonder – don’t be stuck at home wondering what life could be like, should be like, would be like… drop that nonsense! Get out there, say yes, and never look back!

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The link to Maureen Killoran’s mindfulness guide, Jumpstart Creativity Hypnosis, is an affiliate link. If you purchase the mindfulness AudioCD following my link I will receive a small kickback, and you will receive a wonderful edition to your collection! Maureen specializes in positive change. Should you be needing some of her magic to help you along your life’s journey (in addition to the weekly YES post and other selfcare you’ve been gifting yourself), I recommend listening to her AudioCD.

I’d love it if you shared some of the ways this week’s quote has made you feel, and what methods you’ve taken to release stressors you’ve experienced blockading your life’s journey.

We each have a unique journey, and I would love to share in yours.

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