8 June 2020 – Use Your Voice

Weekly YES Quote!

“We have the oldest written constitution still in force in the world, and it starts out with three words, ‘We, the people.’

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

(Pocket RBG Wisdom: Supreme Quotes and Inspired Musings from Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

 (Pocket RBG Wisdom: Supreme Quotes and Inspired Musings from Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an affiliate link)

Weekly Reflection

This past Saturday marked one full week of consistent protests since Sunday, May 31.

I’ve been thinking a lot this week since posting last week’s weekly Yes quote (if you haven’t read last week’s yes post, please do so by following this link: Power and Unity in Numbers).

Our world and the systems we’ve setup to support it aren’t perfect by any means. There are flaws left and right that are becoming more and more apparent.

The death of George Floyd is only one of many tragic events that have horribly taken place.

Three officers stood by and watched as Mr Floyd begged for his life until he took his last breath. THREE!

I won’t dwell on the facts of what happened because you can research them on your own and you should if you haven’t already.

I will focus on the fact that it took a man dying before his time to bring attention to a major flaw in our law enforcement system.

This system as well as many others deserve our attention, and we should rise up, use our voices, and stand for what we believe in before the system we’re passionate about fixing takes another life. 

No one deserves to die like Mr Floyd did.

No family deserves to lose a loved one as Mr Floyd’s family has had to struggle with.

No person should ever have to walk in fear of succumbing to the same fate.

We are a beautiful group of people.

We can make a change. We can make a difference. 

But we can only move mountains if we use our voices.

I’m not saying you should join the protests, rallies, or marches.

I’m not saying you should post to your social media accounts, call/text people, or go door to door verbally expressing your opinions.

I’m not saying you should post signage in your windows for all your neighbors to see.

We each have a unique voice, and we should use it for the betterment of our society.

So whatever that voice is for you… please, use it.

This afternoon I walked around downtown San Diego with a friend to see how the area was reacting to all of the protests, and I was pleasantly surprised by the way the community was handling businesses boarding up their doors and windows: with art.

Beautiful people were expressing their feelings towards the horrific event through art via painting murals on the boards.

Better yet, when I stopped to applaud them, the first ladies I spoke with, Alex and Mo, welcomed me to pick up a brush and join them. Ladies, I will be joining you again later on this week as we make these boards a canvas towards systemic change (I’ll also post pictures down below that I snapped while on my walk for reference).

These people, who care immensely about a topic dear to them, are using their voices to drive systemic change.

Don’t let fear or laziness or any other procrastination adjective get in the way of you using your voice. And remember, a voice isn’t necessarily a sound your mouth makes. Your voice is a form of communication.

As the notorious RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has been quoted saying,

We have the oldest written constitution still in force in the world, and it starts out with three words, ‘We, the people.’

Together we can do anything we set our minds to.

Weekly Challenge

What causes have you been wanting to support, but have been dragging your feet to finally pull the trigger and take part?

Think on it.

There’s always something dear to our hearts no matter our race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, backgrounds, cultures…

Maybe Black Lives Matter is your passion, and you’re barreling in head first to drive systemic change! Good for you if so! Your hard work is paying off: the world is seeing the numbers of people coming together over this shared passion and change is coming.

Maybe animal cruelty is your passion, and the thought of laboratories using them for science experiments or butcher shops chopping away without a second thought regarding that creature’s life really gets under your skin.

Maybe gay rights is your passion, and seeing people you love or being unable yourself to legally wed a member of the same sex is infuriating to you. Love is love! I’m an advocate for that, and anyone who loves someone should be able to express their love however he or she wants.

I could list off so many more maybes, and it ails me at how long that list is.

We are a society that should be accepting and not repressing.

We are a society that should be forward not backward thinking.

We are a society that should be represented by a stronger system than we’ve proven it to be.

So do something about it before more lives suffer.

Your voice needs to be heard however you’re comfortable expressing your voice.

It’s your voice! It’s your society! It’s your time to use your voice to improve your society.

Without expressing your voice nothing will change and the status quo will remain the same. Of this I sadly have no doubt.

But, if we band together over issues that require attention, I know we can make positive change happen.

I challenge you to dig deep this week and think about what your passions in life are.

I challenge you to use your voice to address positive change for your passions.

You can make a difference if you believe in something strongly enough. You just have to use your voice.

Reminder to Just Say Yes!

As always, say yes to experiences that present themselves to you! Life is full of fun and wonder – don’t be stuck at home wondering what life could be like, should be like, would be like… drop that nonsense! Get out there, say yes, and never look back!

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The link to where I grabbed this week’s yes quote from, Pocket RBG Wisdom: Supreme Quotes and Inspired Musings from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is an affiliate link. If you purchase the book following my link I will receive a small kickback, and you will receive a wonderful edition to your collection! This book is among my favorites – RBG is an amazing woman making huge leaps for our society, and having her book in my collection has helped to inspired me in my daily tasks.

I’d love it if you shared some of your passions with me and ways you’ve made advancements towards furthering your passions by commenting below!

Or, if you’re stuck with a huge heart ready to give, I’d love it if you commented below to reach out to myself and other readers to help you further your journey! 

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