4 May 2020 – Hit the Pause Button

Weekly YES Quote!

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

Leo Tolstoy, Author of many famous works including War and Peace

 (War and Peace is an affiliate link)

Weekly Reflection

This past week was one of the more challenging weeks to keep my calm and patience.

I finished my Monday off strong and was headed into Tuesday with a can do / invincible attitude!

I mean seriously, here’s how my Monday went and it was awesome:

I woke up feeling fabulous, strutted my amazing self over to the Nespresso machine to fill my cup of liquid morning gold, cleansed my face, let my natural curls frame my face with a simple oil application for nourishment, dawned a clean sweater, and perched myself atop my exercise ball chair in front of my computer setup without pants.

If you know me, I’m simply… anti-pants – I know others of you are thinking the same thing.

I logged off my computer at 17:00 sharp and setup for an intense 55-minute signature heated barre workout through Belle + Barre (thanks Jeannine!) in the living room followed by a 30-minute flexibility yoga class through the Down Dog Yoga app.

Monday boxes checked! Successful work day and two awesome workouts! I was on top of the world when I crawled into bed Monday night.

Now, onto Tuesday!

Like, how could this week not continue to be killer in a good way?! Well, let me tell ya…

A little backstory: my office is essential due to the contracts we hold, so I am remote MWF and in the office TR. We take all the precautionary measures: masks, social distancing, and the works.

As I tried to get ready to go into the office, I found myself unable to leave my apartment –  I was getting bombarded with I need this, help me on this, and hey are you available because omg this… There wasn’t an appropriate time to say, “Sorry team. Give me an hour to get myself out the door so that I can handle these issues.”

I finally found a window to leave for the office at least 3-4 hours into the work day (at this point I almost decided to not even bother, but I’m a firm believer in showing up if people expect you to physically show up so I did).

I setup my laptop, grabbed my note pad, plugged my phone in, and went to check the time when I noticed I’d forgotten to put my watch on before leaving my residence *huge sigh.

I never forget to wear my watch… ever.

Soon as I noticed my watch wasn’t on my wrist I paused.

I stopped everything I was doing, took a deep breath in, held it for a few seconds, and then slowly let the breath out.

In that moment I knew I was running too hot… I wasn’t giving myself the time to check in with how I was feeling.

I brought my focus and attention back to myself.

Here I was sweating nervously to ensure others needs were met, and I’d neglected the one person who matters most: me.

I didn’t even take the time to ask myself, do you have everything you need before going into the office

It should’ve been a no-brainer to take 10 seconds before exiting and locking the door to check-in with myself to see if I was ready to go. But instead, in a panic to suit other people’s needs, I’d barreled out the door and was on my way to the office without even a second thought about my own needs.

That isn’t okay with me, and it shouldn’t be okay with you either.

You’re the number one person you need to take care of no matter if the circumstance is basic or life-threatening.

When you’re on an airplane and the flight attendant is taking you through the safety procedures, who do they tell you to apply the oxygen mask to first if that situation should arise? YOU!

I lost that this past week and ran rampant for hours before a simple I forgot my watch moment snapped me back.

It shouldn’t have taken a missing wristwatch to remind me to check in with myself, and nor should the equivalent happen for you to check in with yourself.

Weekly Challenge

We’re faced with obstacles every single day that take us away from our core.

Some obstacles are basic what should I eat today, and some obstacles are intense OMG! I need to do this, but first… but if I don’t do… the other, then… I… cue major panic.

Our time is precious. 

We shouldn’t spend it freaking out or spinning our wheels – once the motion stops you don’t feel any better. If anything you cycle back and think what the heck did I just endure?

I’m here this week to tell you to hit the pause button.

Just like this week’s yes quote by Leo Tolstoy says,

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

Take a deep breath in, slowly release that breath, and recenter yourself. 

Bring the attention inward instead of focusing on everything outward going on around you.

You can take on any challenge you’re faced with if you’re centered with your hypothetical feet planted firmly beneath you.

Do this for you right now… even if your day is going smoothly and there aren’t any visible road blocks coming up in the near future: hit the pause button. 

Take a moment, even 5 seconds, to check in with yourself before proceeding to the next task.

Keep this theme throughout the week to give your mind the clarity it needs in order to ensure you’re operating at your absolute best.

Reminder to Just Say Yes!

As always, say yes to experiences that present themselves to you! Life is full of fun and wonder – don’t be stuck at home wondering what life could be like, should be like, would be like… drop that nonsense! Get out there, say yes, and never look back!

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The link to Leo Tolstoy’s book, War and Peace, is an affiliate link. If you purchase the book following my link I will receive a small kickback, and you will receive a wonderful edition to your collection! This book is among my favorites. It’s a lengthy read, but well worth the literary journey! I highly suggest checking out this book as well as some of his other works like Anna KareninaHadji Murad  and The Death of Ivan Ilyich (all affiliate links).

I’d love it if you commented some of your favorite businesses or books that provide your mind & body with the nourishment it deserves! 

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