9 March 2020 – Time to Get Uncomfortable

Weekly YES Quote

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Elizabeth Appel

Weekly Reflection

Have you ever thought to yourself, wow it would be so awesome if or if only X would happen it would make everything so much easier?

Like, fill in the blank with that if  thought you’ve got floating around in your head right now!

Now think about what you may need to do for yourself to achieve that if

Is it outside of your knowledge base, thought up current reaches, or comfort zone? Well, I have a news flash for you: it’s time to get uncomfortable!

You deserve the best and NO ONE… I mean seriously, no one… is simply going to deliver it to you on a golden platter.

Take myself for example – I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck while trying to reduce my debt, save for property to have as my own in a location I want, and have enough PTO and money to comfortably travel to see the world and the people I care about most.

Being a single woman in Southern California doesn’t exactly offer me the opportunity to do all of the above – California is only becoming more expensive

When I think about the how to make my if I had enough money statement a reality I become extremely nauseated because until recently I had no idea how to change my financial situation and that scared the hell out of me.

But so what!

I have the power to do something about it and make that if a reality and so do you!

Or, you and I can just get mundanely comfortable where we’re at with no room to blossom.

In true Aly Yes Ma’am fashion (with all due respect of course)… fuck that.

Weekly Challenge

I challenge you to write down your list of ifs.

Brainstorm what would…

  • make your life better
  • relieve stress and take some serious weight off your shoulders
  • help fulfill a void you’ve been feeling lately
  • bring a smile to your face and fill your body with giddy joy
  • help improve the life of someone dear to you who may be going through a rough time

Then I want you to jot down how you’re going to make moves to change these if situations.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – that won’t help the process.

Instead, if you’re having trouble, take the process slowly.


  • taking 15 minutes away from your phone to disconnect from the social media world will make your life better by helping you to refocus your efforts on yourself instead of what you see everyone else doing.
  • eliminating an unnecessary task like having to grocery shop at 5 different stores in order to make 1 meal will relieve some stress that’s been building in your life lately.
  • volunteering for that organization you’ve been meaning to reach out to or give your time to to help a cause dear to your heart will help fill a void you’ve let sit and possibly grow.
  • going for a hike, enjoying a solo coffee date, going to the movies to catch that new flick, or cracking open that new book you haven’t had time to read will put a fatty grin on your face.
  • picking up the phone to call that someone you’ve been thinking about will make their day.

Whatever it is – DO IT! Don’t hesitate to get uncomfortable in order to improve your life!

For me, I joined the Arbonne business to provide me with the flexibility of earning additional income so that I don’t have to give up and settle. Arbonne is the perfect avenue for my busy life schedule to provide me with the additional income I crave to kick my ifs to the curb.

There’s a solution for each of our if scenarios.

We just have to be determined enough to figure out what the avenue is, and when shit gets real uncomfortable… we have to step up to the plate and swing for the fence!

Never let the uncomfortable keep you from a better, more rewarding life – you owe it to yourself.

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As always, say yes to experiences that present themselves to you! Life is full of fun and wonder – don’t be stuck at home wondering what life could be like, should be like, would be like… drop that nonsense! Get out there, say yes, and never look back!

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Aly Bonomini is the creator of the blogs Yes Ma'am! & Cheesy Vegans. She is an avid adventurer, experience enthusiast, and motivator who lives her life by the motto: "Just say yes!"

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