Touring Fort Jefferson “Dry Tortugas” National Park

What is Fort Jefferson, and Why Should You Visit?

Fort Jefferson National Park is the largest brick structure in the western hemisphere and is among the 10 least visited national parks in the United States!

Simply imagine getting flown out to a remote island where there’s a grand brick structure in almost the same exact condition as when it was in use!

You get to experience true history at Fort Jefferson National Park. There are no fences, no ropes, and no alterations to keep you from walking around the park just like when troops were stationed here! The only areas that are prohibited are those reserved for the 8 park rangers who maintain the grounds – that’s it! And the prohibited area is hardly noticeable.

And there’s more to the park than just the massive brick structure – you can go checkout exotic birds at the bird sanctuary or go snorkeling just outside of the fortress’s walls to explore all the beautiful marine life that thrives along the reef!

Hop over to my article, Irma Can’t Hold the Keys Back, for an overview of my trip to Key West, Florida!

Getting to Fort Jefferson

There are two methods of transportation you can take to get to Fort Jefferson:

  1. By ferry, or
  2. By seaplane.

I highly highly recommend visiting Fort Jefferson by seaplane. Yes, making the trek out to the park by seaplane is much more expensive than taking the ferry, but you’ll also have a much better experience – here’s why:

  • The ferry takes approximately 2.25 hours both ways (that’s 4.5 hours bobbling about on the ocean!), and you’re only allotted “a little more than 4 hours” of exploration time. More time in transport than actual adventuring time… that’s awful! The seaplane takes approximately 40 minutes each way, and… you get
  • The ferry won’t provide you with an amazing aerial view of Key West, Fort Jefferson, and shipwrecks – sharks – dolphins – sea turtles when you travel by ferry.

If you haven’t guessed by now, we traveled via seaplane.

Boarding the Seaplane for Fort Jefferson!

Just look at the amazing view of Key West you get when you take-off! I was blown away by how gorgeous the entirety of the flight was.

Takeoff View of Key West, Florida, from the Seaplane.

And not only is the view of Key West gorgeous, but just marvel at how cool Fort Jefferson looks when you’re making your landing!

Activities at Fort Jefferson

No matter your transportation of choice, you won’t be disappointed by the activities Fort Jefferson offers:

1. Touring the Fortress

Like I said in the opening, the fortress has no fences, no ropes, and no alterations to prevent you from exploring! You get to experience the fort exactly as it was, with some general wear and tear, when 2000 troops were stationed here!

We quickly chose a picnic table to set down our snorkeling gear, which was provided by Key West Seaplane Adventures, and headed for the courtyard! Quick note regarding leaving our stuff: no one messed with anything! What other tourist attraction can you go to and leave items without fearing they’ll be stolen? Nowhere!

The Adventure Family Atop the Fort Jefferson Parapet.

We rounded the corner and headed up the stairs for an overview of the fortress, the grounds, and the surrounding waters. And my oh my… it was breathtaking!

Fort Jefferson Courtyard From the Parapet.

We walked around the perimeter of the fort, along the second floor that was open to the public, and all throughout the courtyard. Of everywhere we explored, the “Chapel” was by far mine and Nikki’s favorite!

Placard in the Bastion Explaining the “Chapel’s” Significance.

Needless to say… Nikki and I had a stellar photoshoot in the “Chapel!” Special thanks to Pentax for the bitchin HDR Landscape mode – we put it to great use!

Aly Looking Out to Sea.
One of the Five Bastions Known as the “Chapel.”
Nikki Walking Down an Endless Brick Hallway.

And yes… I proudly shoot with a Pentax K-70… didn’t think they were still around did yah?!

2. Bird Watching

Of the three activities I’ve listed, bird watching was the only one we didn’t get to experience. I have this in here mainly as information for those of you who visit – there is an amazing bird sanctuary at the other end of the island. The birds were buzzing while we were there… but we chose to spend our time at the fort and in the water.

3. Snorkeling

The waters that surround Fort Jefferson are absolutely to die for! And, compliments of Key West Seaplane Adventures, we were able to experience them with an awesome snorkeling excursion!

Stay tuned for some GoPro footage of our snorkeling adventures, as well as where our favorite spots for snorkeling were!

Be Among the Few Who Visit Fort Jefferson

Nature and history in its rawest form await you at the “Dry Tortugas!” Few will ever venture here, and of those who do shall receive a touristy experience unlike any other. Take a break from drunken Duval Street and all the other mainland attractions that get congested with cruise ships and common tourists… do something different that will enrich your experience! I cannot recommend touring Fort Jefferson more.

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As always, say yes to experiences that present themselves to you! Life is full of fun and wonder – don’t be stuck at home wondering what life could be like, should be like, would be like… drop that nonsense! Get out there, say yes, and never look back!

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